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At the Bench is an online quality and affordable video jewellery training site for anyone interested in learning to make jewellery, from a beginner right through to professional level. The site streams videos showing professional jeweller Andrew Berry and other industry-leading craftsmen teaching their trade in downloadable chunks with clear step by step instructions and advice given at every stage of the way.

At the Bench is aimed at both the amateur and professional jeweller alike and is structured into ‘bite-size’ learning films of around 15 minutes in length. This type of learning enables students to pick up new, advanced or ‘back to basics’ techniques on every subject in easy to follow stages.

We broadcast Free WebCasts – which are web based seminars. These are on a variety of topics such as Back to Basics, Techniques and Tools. For more information Click Here

Its no wonder that thousands of professional jewellers and hobbyists are making use of the award winning training to get inspired or instructed every day. The only online jewellery course you will need.

All with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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