Making A Fluted Bail Part Two

You can’t blame the manufacturers all the time as…..
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You can't blame the manufacturers all the time as this pendant was bought with a normal sized bail for a normal size chain. The problem occurs when the wearer want to put on an unusually oversized chain. What happens? The bail ends up too small for the chain to go through. This is where we come in very handy. Although not technically a repair nor a creative piece we still need to know how to make up bails and to fit them when we can not use the normal techniques.

On closer look at this pendant we found that it is made of silver and then gold plated. So we had to think about how we were going to attach the bail. Soldering it on was out of the question as the heat would destroy the plating. So we had to devise a cold connection fitting to preserve the gold plated finish.

Video Parts: