Problem Solving – Soldering Jump Rings To Disks

Andrew encourages At The Bench members…….
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Andrew encourages At The Bench members to get in touch if they are having problems with their tools or techniques. Often an emailed reply is all that is needed but sometimes it is easier to actually show how to solve a problem. That's where these types of videos are really helpful. Not every email gets turned into a film though. If there has been a film made already addressing the members problems then Andrew and his team point the member to the film in question but if the topic has not already been covered, then Andrew will produce a film.

Soldering is always a popular problem. Andrew was emailed this particular problem. The problem was not really with the actual soldering but the technique used to create a good strong solder joint. Andrew shows a couple of ways and providing the simple stages leading up to the lighting of the torch are carried out, then a successful strong solder joint can be achieved.