Product Review – New Ingot Mold By Hans Meevis

This latest series shows Andrew demonstrating…….
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Andrew is always on the look out for new tools to help in his day to day work at the bench. Sometime the tools are an asset to his workflow, sometimes they are not. Sometime ago a gentleman by the name of Hans Meevis produced a new adjustable ingot mold and Andrew received his a couple of days ago.

An ingot mold is something that every good jeweller should have. After all we all produce amounts of scrap metal and its better to reuse it yourself rather than send it away and get a fraction of what it cost you, back. Andrew is always melting gold and silver down and when he got the chance to try a new mold out, Andrew and Jason set about melting down a variety of ingots.

Here is Hans website where more info on the mold can be found. CLICK HERE