Some feedback from our members…

Hi Andrew, I'm finding this online teaching a great way to learn and there is certainly a lot to learn! Andy

Thank you Andrew - and thank you for your teaching videos! I had 1 1/2 year constant jewellery courses - it was good, but it was nothing in comparison with your videos. You explain so outstanding every details - it's a pleasure to hear and see you. I learned so much from you. Annette

Many thanks for an entertaining and informative hour. Always time well spent. Richard

I have learned to much since joining and I'm totally addicted and watch at least 3 films a night! Sophie

Just wanted to say what an Webcast it was this afternoon. What I learned from the soldering Webcast was worth my At The Bench membership alone and I’m very pleased that I joined when I did as I think it’ll be my best investment this year - thank you. Joanne

I found Andrew on YouTube and joined At The Bench as a FreeView member, I was hooked and joined straight away. Congratulations Andrew, you make it look all too easy. Sana

Fantastic, I love the pace and the back to basics principles at times as well as the in-depth tech bits. I have watched 50 of the videos already, they are addictive. Mary

The live Christmas bench webcasts were really superb especially as my husband brought me breakfast in bed whilst I was watching you Louise

Love the site. This will really give my jewellery making and confidence a boost. On a limited budget I would suggest that your site is the accessory I would go for first. Michele

I have learned to much since joining and I'm totally addicted and watch at least 3 films a night! Graham

You have a large abundance of great helpful and informative videos already to follow, and they have certainly got my inspiration flowing as well! Asheigh

I am really enjoying your videos and look forward to each Friday when you upload the new ones. Bronwyn

Thank you so much for the continuing high quality videos. You are a worldwide lifeline! Leanne

Very many thanks for putting on the free WebCast. It is actually the first WebCast that I have ever taken part in. Cynthia

At The Bench is the only jewellery training company that provides the range of services it does. David

Just seen the soldering masterclass in coming in the next 30 days, can't wait as I need all the help I can get. Sheree

You are a star! What you give me for my money is far greater than what you can get on other websites. I don't know how you do it. Mary

This was the first WebCast I watched and I was totally rivetted! Michael

I am looking forward to the videos on creating ear wires Lauren

Really enjoy you and your site. Keep up the great work!! Diane

I loved the element of danger in today's webcast. Nice one! Lee

I missed your live webcast this afternoon but I just watched the recording. I learned a lot. Thanks. Pat

You explain your way through the films very well. It is as if I am actually in your workshop. Very well done. David

Thanks for the films on tubing. When I emailed you asking if you could tell me how to make tubing I never thought that you actually would film it for me. Thanks a million! Sue

Watched your recent webcast on soldering and now I get it. I have plenty of books that describe how to solder but it's not until you watch someone do it and talk their way through it that I finally understand. So much better than reading a book 😉 Jane

Got to say again love your videos, a pure joy to watch and learn from, you do an awesome job on explaining the subjects. HandTricks

The ability to learn from someone with so much expertise is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Chris

Thank you once more for sharing your expertise with us, much appreciated. Thom

I booked to come on your Summer course at Sedbergh school this month, I just can't wait. Dianne

I watched you webcast on soldering and I now understand how it works. Thanks a million. Jesus

I love At The Bench! Thank you. Jo

Your videos are just perfect and already have helped me a lot. Its the best thing I saw on the internet and helped me greatly a lot already. Thanks for your super job. Monika

Looking forward to getting back to your fantastic site Jeffrey

btw, really like the new site, must try it on my iPad soon. Karen

Thanks for that Andrew, much appreciated. Superb site by the way Nick

I love being able to access you on my iPhone now Janette

Firstly, I am writing to say that the movies on the heart shaped cabochon far exceeded my expectations and, once again, to say thank you. I really like the new website, especially the colour scheme. Bronwyn

By the way, I love this site. It is my favorite! Judy

Just wanted to say its great now you can view videos on the I pad. It's a lot easier. Great new look! Clare

Thanks again and I really love your videos. It´s like an online apprenticeship, very cool! Mark

Thanks, you’re a genius and have thought of everything. Marco

Oh boy, your videos are sooooo good I´m watching them all day long. This is by far the best money I spent on subscriptions and tuition. I´ve become a true fan of your teaching method and many many thanks for sharing your rich knowledge. Alison

I have found your instruction and tuition very helpful and encouraged me to try new techniques - thank you. All good wishes with the new projects you have in the pipeline. Georgina

I do love your teaching techniques and style. You are doing a fine! job! Pamela

The site is all I could wish it to be and more. Bill

Hi Andrew, thanks so much for doing the spectacle setting video so quickly!! When I requested it, I really didn't expect to see it so soon. I'm so excited to see the next installment! Linda

Firstly I must thank you for such an informative and enjoyable site. Keep up the good work. Sarah

Hi Andrew - thanks for the fantastic videos. As a relative newcomer (9 months and counting!), I find them to be a real source of inspiration and a great way of learning. Sarah

Hi Andrew, firstly I must thank you for such an informative and enjoyable site. I also find your 'business' vids useful as well as I have a small shop in Norwich where I sell my work. Mike

I'm watching videos every day and I'm very happy, it's teaching me a lot! I'm very happy that I subscribed to At The Bench, especially because here in Holland I can not find courses in English, and I must say that learning at home is much better. Not even mentioning that I did a feel day couses in London before I move to here, and sometimes is so much information that is not possible to memorise everything. With the videos is very simple, I just have to play it again! Thank you very much for creating this website! Nicole

Many thanks for your prompt reply on Sunday evening, and for details of the discounted renewal rate, much appreciated. I have now renewed my membership and set it for automatic renewal next year. I would just like to add that I have found your website to be a fantastic source of information, my own personal skills and confidence have increased considerably over the last year and I cannot praise your site highly enough. Martin

I am a single mother, working full time in a restaurant, and making jewellery is mainly a hobby at the moment, although I am happy to say that it is already a hobby that pays for itself, which is great…but going to school is not an option… reading…not my favourite. I prefer making, creating. Reading about something one can get some idea, but actually watching it makes it a lot clearer…and with your excellent explanations that go with it…it's really great. So congratulations to this great idea, and thank you! Karin

I am REALLY glad that I found your website, & I am SO happy to have such quality instruction as yours available right here - in my workshop. I usually have to drive quite a while to get to workshops. With your instruction, I don't have to do that. Pat

Have I told you I LOVE At the Bench? Well, I do! Thank you very much.....and today I ate a BabyBel cheese and used the wax!!! So cool and helpful.....lol Sheila

One of your tips saved us more money than the cost of our years subscription! Jim

Dear Andrew! Thank you for the wealth of information on your site. Vadim

Hey Andrew, I continue to love the videos, thanks! Keep 'em coming! Seth

Andrew! LOVE your program and thank you so much for the the most recently posted video finishing the 4 prong claw setting. Sheila

At The Bench Apprentice - This is an exciting series with the excellent Kelly, wish it was me. Ivor

I have just joined 'at the bench' and so far I find it really informative. Today I watched melting scrap silver and making ingots. Marie

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying At The Bench. Love your style and so happy I finally joined up. Buzz

Hi Andrew, after months of persuasion from my friend, I subscribed this morning. Was she right? Yes she was! Daniela

Thank you so much for your prompt service. I have just watched a few of your videos and I am absolutely delighted to have found something so well put together and easy to follow. I would just like to say "thank you" for producing such a fabulous site! Christine

Thank you Andrew...already learning from your great videos. Dee

I'm still enjoying my membership, keep up the good work 🙂 Hazel

Thanks for everything. Elizabeth

Keep up the good work - it sounds cheesy but you and your site are our inspiration. Jim

I keep on being more and more impressed with your videos. It is really clear and i enjoy every drop of your experience. George

Since subscribing about a week ago I have been viewing your tutorials and must say I am impressed and cannot wait till I put them into practice. Andrew

Hi Andrew, I've been so pleased with my subscription to At The Bench! I'm a relatively new member, and have found that following one metalsmithing course at the local art college, your site has enabled me to advance my skills quite rapidly and cost-effectively! Kristine

I really enjoyed your tube-setting videos, you showed me a couple of tricks with the (well polished) burnisher that were helpfull. Leigh

Your videos are so clear, so much better than some of the American stuff. Maxine

Keep up the brilliant work! Gill

Just had to write and say that subscribing to your website is the best investment I've made in a long time. Kelly

At The Bench. It's an incredible site. George

At the bench is an amazing tool that I adore. Sharon

Just to let you know that I have even been watching your films whilst on holiday! John

I have really enjoyed watching your videos and learned so much already. The value of the membership is remarkable, just the cost of a few books and there is no comparison between the two! Martin

Learning so much from the videos.....! John

All the films on 'At The Bench' are really good - haven't had time to see them all yet but now we have broken up for the summer I will have a bit more time to go through them. Keep up the good work! Nicola

Excellent video on firescale Andrew. Have been battling with this problem for ages and getting very disheartened. Cannot wait to try out the solutions you suggested. Benjamin

I am just writing to say how much I am enjoying the films on At The Bench William

Whilst writing I would like to congratulate you on your videos, since enrolling I have become far more confident in my work and have definitely noticed a more professional finish with my jewellery - thank you so much, you are a very clever man. Jill

I appreciate you taking the time to put videos like this out there for newbie smiths (or wanna be smiths!) like me! crumpitt

Thanks for the wonderful At The Bench training opportunity that you are providing. Heather

Already I have picked up a few 'tips & tricks' that I has helped me along the way as I am always happy to learn new ways to reach the final goal. I also find it fascinating watching how other professional Jewellers go about their business on the bench.Well done on the site, congratulations! Robert

I recently joined your site and I have to say that i have learned so much more from you than I had in class. I still attend a workshop on a Sunday but can pick up more skills from you. Rebecca

Have just finished watching ALL of your at the bench tutorials, some more than once - fantastic, you've improved my skills already, actually seeing you work close-up rather than just reading how to do things is the great plus, from small almost insignificant manipulation of tools to the confidence in attacking the metal with a file or hammer when necessary ! Jim

Thank you for all of the wonderful information! I am learning so much. Michelle

The website is great and love the videos. Anita

I think you are a marvelous teacher. Explaining everything in an easily understandable way. Tess

I wanted to thank you a lot for many reasons. One of the main one is the very good quality of the images (zoom in for details), the way you are showing the different stages (clear explanations...perfect)... It's a very good purchase Philippe

I have recently subscribed to your website and I think, it is a great idea to start such a website. Lilia

Thanx a lot Andrew U R A star, Jawad

True jeweller 🙂 This is a first time that I've seen right teacher and Master Oleg

Keep the videos coming .... Excellent quality ... very informative Michael

I have found your teaching invaluble and feel really inspired after watching. I have done some courses but it is so useful being able to go over things again when you need to. Alison

Thank you for all of the wonderful information! I am learning so much. Michelle

I am VERY excited about what I've seen so far! I am in my home shop now trying to decide which skill set I want to work on next. Yolanda

I been watching your videos on YouTube and I was glued to the screen. Thanks for the Fab videos, learning lots. Angie

I'm having a ball & find your work inspiring, thank Andrew! Gill

I am very happy with your Video tuturials. This was my best investment this year. Alexandra

Really enjoying the videos and finding them helpful and inspirational. Many thanks and keep up the good work! Ghislaine