Recycling Scrap Silver into a Ring Part Five

When Andrew first had this idea he filmed…..
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Video Parts:

When Andrew first had this idea he filmed it and posted it to YouTube. That was over 3 years ago now and since then the video has had a mixed reaction.

An At The Bench member asked Andrew if he could repeat the film and also add narration this time as the YouTube film just had backing music. This ring will not appeal to most peoples taste but it is a simple project that anyone can try out. It gets you used to handle the torch and also melting the silver, knowing when the silver is going to melt and how to control the heat too. if you don’t like the finished ring then you can still use the project as practice. The request was also for adding gemstones to the finished ring. This weeks film looks at setting a small facetted sapphire on the other side of the ring by flush setting it.

Video Parts: