I’m having problems logging in!

  • Check you have entered your password correctly
  • Passwords are case sensative – Check Caps Lock is off
  • Make sure you are using the email address you have registered with PayPal – A common problem!
  • Still got a problem please contact support! HERE

If you are having problems viewing the videos…

First ensure you are using a modern up to date web browser, ensure you are using a modern standards compliant web browser. We recommend browsers Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

You also need to make sure you have the latest version of the flash player installed in your browser.

You can check which version you currently have installed and upgrade if necessary from here:-

Also try clearing the Cache and Temp files from your browser. Sometimes the browser stores old pages and this interferes with your access to the latest films.

Why are videos not displaying?

When you try to view a video the buttons to play the video never display and only a black box is shown.

There is a flash player settings panel that can be accesses through the following link

If the option “Allow third-party Flash content to store on your computer.” is not checked our videos will not play. Check this box and close and re-open your browser and the videos should display.

Why are the videos stopping?

Videos take time to download to the video player. Depending on the time of day or if you are on a slower connection to the internet, you may experience stopping and starting of the video when trying to view it. One solution is to click the pause button on the video and allow the video to load up fully and then press play. Very occasionally there maybe Flash streaming issues, if this occurs you may need to refresh your browser or if the problem persists try to access other Internet sites with streaming video and determine whether the problems are confined to AtTheBench.

If none of the above works then please contact Technical Support HERE

For help with anything else then please use the form below.


Experts are standing by to help you with any membership or customer service issues.

Remember that Andrew and the team are here to help and we are always wanting to hear your questions, comments, raves, challenges and general reports of well-being.

We tend to keep office hours 9am-5pm GMT but you may be lucky and receive a response afterhours or on the weekend.You never know.

If appropriate we always try to respond to your requests within 24 hours bearing in mind that holidays and weekends are usually not counted in these hours.

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