Techniques – Making Cross Over Ring Shank Part 5

The convenience of having the ability to…..
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The convenience of having the ability to choose a ready made ring shank from the numerous that are presented to us in the catalogues is a great help but what if we have to make a ring within a tight time frame or the catalogues don't have exactly what we are after? Well, then we need to know hot to make these shanks by hand. Having not to have to rely on other people and other companies to supply you with the makings of a ring makes your work truely hand made and the sheer joy of making every single part of a ring is something to marvel at.

This style of shank, cross over, can be used with a myriad of settings from round shape, pear, marquis, oval and even claw settings or bezel settings.

We finally set the stone and give the ring its high polish.

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