WebCast FAQ

Where do I go to view the At The Bench Webcast?

Just click www.Livestream.com/AtTheBench to be taken to the official At The Bench page on Livestream. Here you can see when the next WebCast is going to be..

Why should I click the green ‘Follow’ button on the page?

By Following At The Bench, you will be the first to be notified as soon as a new WebCast is announced. You will also receive reminders before the WebCast is due to be broadcast. All of these notifications can be changed in your Account section in Settings – Notifications.

Do I have to have a Livestream account to view the WebCast?

No, you are free to watch the WebCast by clicking on www.Livestream.com/AtTheBench

How do I participate in chat or comment in the WebCast?

Currently in order to participate in the Chat/Comment area of the WebCast you must have an active New Livestream Account.
Click on the chat window on the WebCast page when the WebCast is live. You must sign in to the New Livestream with your email address and password once you have created an account in order to participate.

Can I view Livestream on a mobile device?

To view the WebCast on a mobile device, just go to the event page via your mobile browser. That’s it.

What options do I have when viewing the WebCast?

You are able to stop the broadcast,rewind it and fast forward at any time, even when viewing it live. Just click on the red Live icon at the bottom right of the player to resume the current live broadcast.

How do I watch a broadcast in full screen?

To view a Live broadcast in full screen, click on the icon on the bottom of the video player. A pop up window will appear.
To view a Video On Demand broadcast in full screen, click on ‘Full’ icon on the top right of the video player.

How can I promote the WebCast I’m watching?

It’s easy to share what you’re watching with your friends and the on line community! You can promote the WebCast through several ways.

Tweet a link to the Event via Twitter or Like on Facebook
You will be prompted to sign in to Twitter or Facebook to Like or Tweet an event.
You can also share a previous post via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest by selecting on the respecting icons to the bottom left of a post.
Clicking the ‘Share’ icon will open a pop up window to paste the full URL, email, like on Google + or post to Tumblr.
We often have competitions during the WebCasts where you can win Freebies. You will usually be asked to Share or Like using these buttons to enter.